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When it comes to having fun, there is almost anything you can do, especially in the summer. People prefer water activities over almost anything else. You get to have fun, cool down a little bit, and just live memorable experiences. That is why manufacturers around the world made up all kinds of things you can do, one of which includes towable tubes.

Verified Exchange Wow Coupe 1-Person Towable Tube
designed to accommodate one person of maximum 170 lbs
fast and balanced, perfect lounger
inflate and deflate in matter of seconds
Airhead AHVI-F3 Viper
designed to hold three people
sure that the heaviest person is always in the center
especially recommended for children
Verified Exchange Gladiator Switch Towable Tube Package
it can hold two people at once
built from 840-denier nylon and 30-gauge vinyl
one of the most comfortable towable tubes

I remember my first experience with a water tube, and now, everytime I go to the seaside, it is one of the things I have to do. It was a simple banana-shaped tube dragged by a jetski, but I had a lot of fun, and I entirely understand why people love it.

Towable tubes styles

As you can expect, there are different styles when it comes to towable tubes. That is because not everyone wants to ride them the same way. The number of people who ride the tube at the same time is also a factor, which is why every style can accommodate one or multiple persons.

Donut style tubes

These are the most common. They have been the first ones on the market and are best suited for people who want to ride alone. You can either lay on top of it while being dragged or simply sit in it. It depends on the design. Also, for small children, it is best if you go for a model that has an inflated floor. The ones without a floor are a little bit more uncomfortable to ride because you would feel every small wave that goes underneath, and that means you have little to no support. However, even if they are not the most comfortable, people tend to buy donut style tubes because they are cheaper than the other models.

Deck style tubes

This style is the most popular one because they are extremely versatile. They were introduced about 20 years ago, and people love them because they can accommodate from 1 up to 6 people at once. You do not need five other buddies to go with you, that is just the maximum capacity. One of the biggest advantages of this style is that it has a solid deck, which provides excellent support for the entire body. However, I recommend that you go for the neoprene top or anything soft so that you would not get a rash. That is very likely while riding, but it also depends on the person who drives the boat. Moreover, the deck style tubes are also ideal for chilling on the lake.

Lounge or sit down style tubes

This style is increasing in popularity because they are very comfortable. First-timers and children are less likely to feel uncomfortable in one of these because they have more support and they feel safer than with other styles. The tubes which have an opening are even better. That way you can enjoy the ride without fearing a fall. However, there are a few rules you have to follow when you choose such a style. For example, if you have a towable tube with two openings, the two people who ride it must be about the same weight. For obvious reasons, you cannot put an adult in one opening and a child in the other.

The lounge or sit down style can have a capacity of up to 6 people. Just make sure that you have the right horsepower on the boat. The bigger the towable tube, the more horsepower it requires. This design is also perfect for lounging on water when not towed.

How to choose the best towable tube

Now that you got familiar with the styles, it is time to learn how to choose the best towable tube for you and/or your family. It is not rocket science, but you still have to consider a few things before making a purchase. Here is what you should look for.

  • Construction – that is the first thing you want to look at because the thicker the PVC tube and the canvas are, the more durable the towable tube is. After all, you do not want to buy a tube just for a summer, do you?
  • The handles – when you are riding a towable tube, you want to hang on to it as best as possible. That is why my advice to you is to look for tubes that have padded handles. If the handles have knuckle guards, that is even better. You do not need abrasion when you go for a ride.
  • Fabric – simple towable tubes are covered in canvas, but that can cause irritation when you go for a ride. Instead, look for a product that has neoprene or some soft technology. That will protect you, and it will make you more comfortable than on plain canvas.
  • The hooks – they are just as important as the tube and make sure that the quality of the hooks is unquestionable. After all, you rely on those hooks to be towed by a boat, so strength is a mandatory quality. My advice is to try nylon hooks. They areresilient, and the ropes are easy to hook up.
  • The inflation point – that is another important aspect of a towable tube. The valve has to be durable and sturdy. Otherwise, you will have a difficult time inflating and deflating the tube. Also, the stronger the valve, the more your tube will last. Of course, valves can be changed in case something happens, but it is best if you start off with a high-quality one.
  • Design – although that may seem something related to looks, thedesign will also determine the comfort of your ride. And I do not mean that when you sit still, but when you are towed. The design must allow the tube to softly glide above the water and make your ride as fun as possible. That is why you can try a product that is spoon-shaped or rocker-shaped. They will not allow the tube to suck down the water. Anything that is entirely flat will be more difficult to pull.

There are other things that matter as well, but I find them to be of little significance, like the color of the tube or how many people it can accommodate. That is up to you, and my advice should not matter. However, the things I listed above should be considered, which is why I advise you to spend your money wisely and make sure that you buy the right thing.

What are the best towable tubes?

There are hundreds of models that you can choose from, but which one you know it is the best? There is no easy way of telling because there are several manufacturers that brag about the quality of their products. However, not all of them deliver what you expect. That is why I prepared three amazing products that are at an amazing price. I am sure you like them.

Verified Exchange Wow Coupe 1-Person Towable Tube

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If you enjoy a solo tube, then this is the model you want. It is designed to accommodate one person of maximum 170 lbs, and it measures 57 inches by 37 inches. When you are not being towed, thistube is the perfect lounger. The model is fast and balanced, and it has an innovative cockpit. You can actually rest your back and sit tight while you are having fun. Not to mention that the backrest will provide stability as well.

The ergonomic slanted leg rest is also design to provide support. Your ride should be all about fun, not trying to sit comfortably and fail. The bottom also has a special design that eliminates drag. That translates to less horsepower required, less fuel, and more comfort at high speed.

The speed valve will allow you to inflate and deflate the towable tube in a matter of seconds. The last thing you need is to spend much time doing that. The double webbing foam handles will ensure that you can hold on to them safely and comfortably, and the EVA foam knuckle guards will make your experience more pleasant. The cover of the tube is partially nylon so that you do not suffer from skin irritation. The heavy-duty PVC bladder ensures a long life span of the tube so that you can enjoy it for many summers to come. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon.

Airhead AHVI-F3 Viper

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The Airhead towable tube is fun for more than one person. It is designed to hold three people, for more fun with your family and friends. It is one of the best towable tubes that you can find online and offline, which is why I chose to present it to you. The bottom of the tube is shaped like a boat hull for more comfort and stability. You can enjoy a ride without hitting the bumps too much.

The only thing you need to pay attention to is the weight distribution. Make sure that the heaviest person is always in the center, and the people from the sides are approximately the same weight. If two people decide to ride the tube, they should always position themselves on the sides. Leave the center unoccupied.

This model is especially recommended for children because of the inflated floors inside the cockpits. They feel safe sitting inside the cockpit, not to mention comfortable. Comfort is also ensured by the fact that the durable 30 gauge bladders are encased in double-stitched nylon. That means no irritations. The handles are wrapped in nylon, and the knuckle guards are made of neoprene. It does not get any better than that. The valve allows fast inflation and deflation, and it is covered by a cap to protect its integrity. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon.

Verified Exchange Gladiator Switch Towable Tube Package

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This product is also brought by Verified Exchange, but it is an amazing deal on the whole package. Not only that you will receive the towable tube, but the price also includes the air pump and rope, something that you have to buy anyway.

This model can hold two people at once. The inflatable inserts and the neoprene deck covers make this tube one of the most comfortable towable tubes you will ever be able to put your hands on. You can also switch it to a deck in a matter of seconds and lounge on it comfortably on a lake. The floors are inflated, which means they are very comfortable and abrasion is not an issue, and the deluxe handles with the neoprene knuckle guards will make you feel safe and secure.

The tube is built from 840-denier nylon and 30-gauge vinyl. You will be able to use this tube for years to come, and you will create many fun memories using it. As I mentioned before, the package includes a 60-foot tow rope and a high-pressure air pump. The inflation/deflation takes just a few seconds. Keep in mind that the two people who ride the tube must be of similar weight. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon.

My recommendation

Although all three products present many advantages, I will have to go with the Verified Exchange Gladiator Switch Towable Tube Package. It is an amazing product with great specifications, and riding the tube with another person is a lot of fun. Also, when you buy a tube you also have to search for ropes and a pump. With this product, you get them all at once. It may not be the cheapest option, but it is definitely the best.


Creating lovely memories is one of those things that a person must do in his or her life. That is why investing in means to have fun with your family or friends is worth it. Summer is the perfect season for that, which is why I believe that a towable tube might do the trick. You get to have fun, and at the same time, you get to spend some high-quality time with your loved ones. I am sure that one of the products above can provide what you want. Click here to buy on Amazon

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